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Rhino SafeStow4 Single Ladder Rack 3.1m RAS18-SK21

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Rhino SafeStow4 Single Ladder Rack 3.1 metre (RAS18-SK21) - the safest and easiest solution for loading and unloading ladders on vehicles.

SafeStow4 has been designed to fit all Rhino roof rack or roof bar systems (minimum of 3 cross bars required) in order to load, secure, lift and lower your ladder systems whilst keeping both feet firmly planted on the floor.

Constructed from highly robust aluminium alloy which makes it lightweight (3kg lighter than previous SafeStow3 version), rust resistant and aesthetically pleasing to enhance your roof bar or roof rack system.

Improved ladder protection with the new Anti-Vibration assembly, hardwearing double restraining strap system and new wider and deeper rubber cross bar inserts.

SafeStow4 also features a new BeltStow system which has been designed to securely hold straps away when ladders are not in use.

SafeStow4 has been crash tested to twice the industry standard and can withstand crash damage for collisions with an impact force of up to 20g (20 times the force of gravity) as well as being a fully TUV GS Certified product.

Note: ladder not included